Hussle Candidate Guarantee

The Hussle Candidate Guarantee

At Hussle, we are steadfast in our mission to connect your company with exemplary candidates. We stand behind the effectiveness of our premium job distribution system and our commitment to your recruitment success. To further our commitment and ensure your utmost satisfaction, we have created the Hussle Candidate Guarantee with an additional campaign extension feature.

Eligibility for the Hussle Candidate Guarantee:

The Hussle Candidate Guarantee is designed for Employers who utilize our guided hiring service but do not secure at least one eligible job candidate within the specified duration of their campaign.
  1. The Hiring Campaign must run continuously and without modifications by the Employer throughout the stipulated period.
  1. It is mandatory for Employers to review potential candidates within one week of receiving a notification to ensure prompt and efficient recruitment processes.
  1. The Hiring Campaign must be active and uninterrupted for its entire duration, with no modifications made by the Employer.
  1. Employers are required to log in and review potential candidates within two business days of receiving a notification
  1. Within these two business days, Employers must make a decision regarding whether to proceed with interviewing a candidate.
Defining an Eligible Candidate: Criteria for the Hussle Candidate Guarantee
An eligible candidate under this guarantee is deemed by any one of the following criteria being met:
  1. Revealing Contact Information: The employer takes the proactive step of revealing the candidate's contact information with the intention of direct communication or engagement. This action signifies the employer's interest in proceeding with the candidate's application towards an interview stage.
  1. Requesting Interview Arrangement: The employer explicitly requests Hussle to schedule an interview with the candidate. This request indicates the employer's intent to further evaluate the candidate's suitability for the position beyond the initial application review.
  1. Notifying Intent to Interview: The employer notifies Hussle of their intention to interview a candidate. This notification can be regardless of whether the interview is to be arranged directly by the employer or with Hussle's assistance. It reflects a clear interest in the candidate and moves them forward in the hiring process.
  1. Engagement or Interaction Indicators: Any form of engagement or interaction initiated by the employer towards the candidate that can be interpreted as an intent to consider the candidate more seriously for the role. This may include, but is not limited to, follow-up questions, requests for additional information, or any preliminary assessment steps before formal interviews.

Claiming Your Hussle Candidate Guarantee and Campaign Extension:

Should an Employer meet the above criteria without securing an interview, the following steps should be taken to claim the Hussle Candidate Guarantee:
  1. Reach out to our customer service team through email or phone within 5 days of the original campaign period's conclusion.
  1. Provide the necessary details for verification, such as your account information, specifics of the job campaign, and its active period.
Upon successful verification, in lieu of a refund, Hussle will extend your job campaign for an additional period equal to the original campaign's length at no extra cost, ensuring another opportunity to secure suitable candidates.
Exceptions and Conditions:
  • This guarantee does not cover Employers who fail to adhere to Hussle's terms and conditions.
  • Hussle retains the authority to reject the Candidate Guarantee claim if there's any indication of misuse or fraudulent activities.
  • The campaign extension feature under the Hussle Candidate Guarantee is applicable only to the first job campaign for a new position conducted by an Employer with Hussle. It does not apply to any subsequent campaigns for that position or any other job campaigns the Employer undertakes with Hussle.
  • The Candidate Guarantee does not apply to campaigns that have been extended beyond their original duration. Extended campaigns are those that have already benefited from an additional period of activity, whether as a courtesy provided by Hussle or through any other arrangement that prolongs the campaign beyond its initial term.
  • If a campaign is initiated or extended as a result of another guarantee offered by Hussle, the Candidate Guarantee will not be applicable to such campaigns. This includes campaigns that are part of special promotions, guarantees, or any other circumstances where an additional campaign is provided beyond the standard service offerings.
By introducing the campaign extension feature, we aim to reinforce our pledge to your hiring success, providing an added layer of support and confidence in our service.
Interview Guarantee Applicability: The Interview Guarantee provided as part of our services is contingent upon the purchase of specific service packages. If your selected service package does not expressly include an Interview Guarantee, then this guarantee does not apply. Clients are encouraged to review their service package details to confirm the inclusion of the Interview Guarantee or to inquire with our customer service team for clarification.