Hussle Hire Insurance

In the event that an individual ("Candidate") is hired through the services provided by Hussle and subsequently resigns, is terminated, or otherwise leaves the employment of the hiring entity ("Client") within a period equal to the length of the original campaign days from the date of commencement of their employment (the "Guarantee Period"), Hussle agrees to conduct one (1) additional search for a replacement candidate at no additional cost to the Client. This complimentary search will be subject to the following conditions:
  1. (Setup) Documentation Requirement: The Client must submit a copy of the job offer to Hussle within three (3) days of its acceptance by the Candidate. This job offer must clearly state the official start date of employment.
  1. Record of Employment Submission: Upon the termination of the Candidate's employment, for any reason, the Client is required to submit a copy of the Record of Employment (ROE) to Hussle within five (5) days of the Candidate’s last day of work.
  1. Scope of Replacement Search: The scope and effort of the replacement search will be equivalent to the maximum extent of the original campaign conducted for the Client, including but not limited to the sourcing, screening, and presentation of potential candidates.
  1. Initiation of Replacement Campaign: Hussle commits to commencing the replacement search campaign within three (3) days of receiving the written notification of the Candidate's departure and the submission of the required Record of Employment (ROE), without exception.
  1. Documentation Verification Requirement: As part of the documentation submission process, including the job offer acceptance and the Record of Employment (ROE), the Client must ensure that the name and contact information on these documents match exactly with the information provided in the Candidate's application through Hussle.
  1. Guarantee Period Definition: The Guarantee Period shall be defined as a duration equal to the number of days of the original campaign conducted to fill the position for which the Candidate was hired. This period is not extendable beyond its defined length.
  1. Exclusions: This clause is not applicable in situations where the Candidate's departure is due to:
  • Changes in the job description or role that materially differ from the original description provided to Hussle.
  • Redundancy or elimination of the position.
  • Acts of gross misconduct by the Client leading to a constructive dismissal.
Limitation of Liability: Hussle's liability under this clause is strictly limited to the provision of the replacement search services as described herein. No further liability or financial reimbursement shall be assumed by Hussle in relation to the Candidate's departure or the costs incurred in employing the Candidate.
This clause is designed to provide assurance to the Client that Hussle is committed to delivering quality placement services and ensuring client satisfaction by aligning the Guarantee Period with the effort and time invested in the original campaign.
Hire Insurance Applicability: The Hire Insurance associated with our services is applicable solely to those service packages explicitly including such insurance. Should your chosen service package not incorporate a Hire Insurance, this specific insurance will not apply to your service agreement. Customers are advised to review the specifics of their service package to verify the presence of a Hire Insurance or to contact our customer support team for further information.